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Surgical Pathology

This department includes Histopathological & cytological examination.The surgical pathology unit is equipped with following equipments for performing various Histological & Cytological Testing

  • Automated Tissue Processors For the processing of tissues .
  • Leica Autostainer provides the facility of automatic slide staining.
  • Rotatory Microtome department is equipped with Microtome from Leica , used for section cutting, thin cutting of tissues embedded in wax.
  • Cytospin Cytocentrifuge to handle to surgical specimens..
  • Automated Immunostainer from Dako/ ROCHE Ventana Both these machine provides the automatic staining of slide for performing Immuno Histochemistry.
  • Ventana HT scanner 
  • Digital Pathology from Roche


The Immuno-histochemistry Department is equipped by a panel of more than 45 . Antibodies, staining are done by the

  • Automatic Stainer from Dako,Ventana ROCHE machine used for performing IHC.