Quality Policy

RML is committed to provide reliable, accurate and fast medical investigation reports using state-of-the-art equipments in comfortable environment with humane touch, by all members, leading to patients delight.

RML is committed to comply with the requirement of Quality Management systems & to continually improve the services by upgrading of facilities and effectively implanting the systems throughout the organization.

Quality Objectives

  • 1. Patients satisfaction level above 4 on scale of 0-5.
  • 2. Continual up-gradation of facilities.
  • 3. Maintenance of Quality of services.

Core Value Statement

The RML Mehrotra Pathology Pvt. Ltd's vision of being the leading clinical laboratory in the country is driven by its core values. These include Compassion, Healing, Quality & excellence, teamwork, commitment & innovation. We strive to provide excellent laboratory services to preserve and save millions of lives.

  • Compassion Providing the beast care to all our valued patients & family members with utmost care.
  • Healing Nurture the well being of all the patient physically & emotionally
  • Quality & Excellence We strive to provide every patient & every customer with quality work “error free, on time, & accurate results”, through our dedicated staffs.
  • Teamwork At our Laboratory we value the contribution of all the staff to provide the best outcome.
  • Commitment We Are committed to providing affordable & precise laboratory testing services to all .
  • Innovation We keep on enhancing our procedures by using the latest technologies to provide us the accurate results and updating the employees by providing them regular training.
  • Ethics We at RML believes in the code of ethics, , all the staffs of RML are well trained to follow RML ethical conduts.


“To provide accurate & precise diagnostic testing & services to our valued customers, patients & colleagues in a timely manner.”


“We are committed to diagnostic excellence"

RML is committed to provide world class diagnostic services to improve the well beings of customers, patients & colleagues & maintaining the highest ethical standards & quality.