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  • RML introduces invitro World Class Phadia Allergy Testing

    Padia allergy system for Inhalation,Contact and ingest-ants allergens
  • RML Intoduce HAINS Molecular test for XDR Tuberculosis

    (2nd Line ATT drug Mutation Testing for -Fluoroquinolones, Aminoglycosides/ Cyclic peptides and Ethambutol Test give very rapid results within 2 days. XDR TB: eXtremely Drug Resistance TB
  • RML Introduces GENE XPERT Quantitative BCR-ABL Molecular Test

    RML Introduces, Advanced Molecular Test for Diagnosis & Monitoring Treatment of CML with Same day reporting of results of Quantitative BCR-ABL Molecular Test . The results are reported as Ratio of BCR-ABL Fusion Gene and the ABL housekeeping gene as per International Standard of reporting.