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RML Mehrotra Pathology history

Committed to Diagnostic Excellence RML Mehrotra Pathology is committed to.........Patient Care, Quality, IntegrityTechnology, Innovation Ethical practices, Accountability Leadership Being the best in whatever we do You at every stage.

The RML Mehrotra Pathology was started in 1954 in Lucknow by Prof. R.M.L.Mehrotra the  eminent pathologist of the country. At that time very few private pathology Lab existed in the country.The science was its basic stage of development. Some basic test was available for the diagnostic help of the patient. The technology was not well developed at the time. The pathologists were known by their microscope and many of the diagnosis were based on the expert use of these gadgets.

Prof. R.M.L.Mehrotra was innovative knew that in coming time this science would evolve and shall become the back bone of the all clinical sciences in achieving the diagnosis and checking the patients.

Over period of time RML Mehrotra Pathology Lab has become one of the Famous Labs in clinical pathology service and new innovations has been introduced for the first time in the country - the Lab was quick to adapt the changing technologies and its applications for the use in clinical medicine.

Since then the lab has been no looking back, and has expanded immensely to provide a wide arena of tests possible today in the field.