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The various Departments of lab are equipped with latest state of art equipments used in performing the tests.


The Hematology Department is equipped with following automated instruments having exceptional features.

  • Beckman Coulter 5 Part+ Reti (LH780/ LH 750 Analyser) Based on five part automated hematology cell counters. Machine specially used for CBC , Reticulate Count, GBP Test etc.
  • Coagulometer (Stago start 4) The coagulation studies and factor assays are done on Stago.
  • Gel Centrifuge-(Diamed) Used for Centrifugation for all Haematological Sample, for Rh Antibody Titre Test etc.
  • Sysmex xp 100 5 part & 3 Part- Automated haematology differential cell counter , used for CBC , Haemoglobin, Reticulate Count etc.
  • Bio-Rad-Variant/HPLC hemoglobinopathy testing for Thalassaemia is carried out using HPLC.
  • Auto Stainer Department used Automated System for ESR Westergreen.
  • Sysmex XN 1000
  • Beckman  DxH 800
  • Microsed Auto ESR westerngreen