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The Biochemistry Department of the Lab is supported by following equipments.

  • Beckman Coulter Immuno Chemistry Analyser(IMMAGE800) Used for all protein estimation test like-CRP,RF,ASO Titre, APO- A, APO-B,LPA etc.
  • Roche Cobas 6000  This machine is divided into two parts, one is 501 - specially used for performing all the Biochemistry Parameters & 601- used for all the Immunology Parameter.
  • Cobas Integra 400 + This machine of ROCHE ,used to perform all the Biochemistry parameters.
  • Biorad D-10 Analyzer Bio Rad machine used for analyzing HbA1c, HbA2- for estimating the Thallesimia Disease.
  • Electrolyte Analyzer Roche 9180 -Machine used for analyzing ions like Sodium,Potassium,Calcium, Lithium, Chlorine, present in our body.
  • Cobas e411 used for performing all immunological parameters like- T4,T3,Vitamin D etc.
  • Osmometer used for the estimation of osmolality of serum, urine sample
  • Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer(NEW) Used for analyzing G6PD, Homocystiene, ADA,ACE etc
  • Vitros ECI-Q some special parameter of immunological test like HIV,HBS-Ag, HCV etc. , are perform on this machine.
  • Phadia 100 used for performing all kinds of allergic tests
  • Advia Centaur CP Machine of Siemens is used to perform Thyroid test, and other biochemistry parameter.